Bosnia and the International Red Cross

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The Overseas Committee in the Red Mix has many crucial roles to play both on a national and international level. It was founded in 1920 as a a reaction to the horrific bloodbath that took place with the World War I trenches in France. During this war, thousands of south florida men had been slaughtered by machine-gun fire and shelling through the German military. A group of volunteers formed the International Crimson Cross to aid those wounded soldiers, both literally and emotionally.

Today, the International Panel of the Red Cross contains even had the opportunity to loan provider a peace treaty regarding the parties involved in the Bosnian turmoil. At the time, it was one of the few agencies that would recognize compensation with regards to the battling of the people who had misplaced their lives. The organization, and also other such education and sociable service agencies, have extended to monitor the situation in the area and take much needed assist with the people and communities afflicted with civil unrest, conflict, all natural disasters and in many cases political problem. Through the attempts of the worldwide committee, there has been much hope the situation in the area can be brought under control again.

With the help of the international committee, more persons from various areas of the globe had been reconnected with one another and made better relations with each other. This in turn has also helped to increase support for the mission and cause of the international committee, which was founded to help lessen the troubled of the persons during battle times. Through the tireless attempts and surrender made by the members with the international committee of the purple cross, the world has been allowed to realize that you may still find things that you can do to resolve issues and increase conditions meant for the people. Through the same efforts, the mr. president from the cross has decide to step down as the president within the institution as a result of age point, but the function of his lifetime plus the dedication of his you are not selected staff will go on.